Toddler Room

Toddler Day Care Halifax

The Toddler room accomodates children aged from around 20 months to 36 months, with a 1:3 ratio for under 2 and 1:4 ratio for over 2's. 

There are various areas to explore over three large adjoining rooms including a large creative area for children to explore with sand, water, mark making and painting, book area, music corner, home corner and a quiet room where children can relax/sleep when they need to . All

 areas are open throughout the day and children are free to access these at their leisure. 

Children are encouraged to access all areas whether is be child led or adult led activities.  This room leads out to the garden via a large decking area which is used 

Toddler Room Staff

Catherine - Room Leader - NVQ 3

Natalie - Nursery Officer - NVQ 3


Rosie - Nursery Officer - NVQ 3 

Lauren - Nursery Assistant