Our Outdoor Play Space

 'There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing!'

savile nursery summer houseOur outside play areas are a revelation, they are fun and exciting with a variety of equipment to stimulate children’s play. Outdoor equipment includes bikes, scooters, tunnels, slides, climbing frame, ball pool, parachute, tents and much much more. 

Our large Summerhouse is well equipped with home corner furniture, a book/quiet area, construction toys and creative table as we like to replicate what we have inside the nursery outdoors.

Our decked area has two large chalk boards to encourage markmaking and writing on a large scale. This space is also perfect for summer picnics.

Each year the children enjoy planting seeds/bulbs and watching them grow in our vegetable patch.  We have produced carrots, peas, lettuce, various beans, corn, tomatoes, garlic, mint etc, the children then enjoy these organic vegetables and herbs in their nursery meals.  This has led to many other activities which has helped to develop the children’s awareness of the importance of healthy eating and physical exercise. 

The children are encouraged to weather the weather what ever the weather every day however long they choose to stay out. So please ensure you child is well prepared for the day ahead with, Wellingtons, gloves, hats, scarfs and a big warm coat. On the other hand in the rare event we may get a bit of sunshine your child will need to be prepared with protective clothing like a light long sleeved top, sun hat, sun cream and sensible footwear for running around the garden. 

Please ensure ALL your child's belongings are named.